Saturday, February 10 at 7:30 PM
All Saints’ Episcopal Church, 6300 North Central Avenue, Phoenix

Sunday, February 11 at 2:00 PM
Ascension Lutheran Church, 7100 North Mockingbird Lane, Paradise Valley
(Kickoff is at 4:30 PM)

Nothing is more magical than the sound of voices blended together in song.  “English Madrigals & Masterworks” celebrates the tradition of unaccompanied singing, from its origin in medieval times to its vitality in the present day.  You’ll be entranced by the inspiring and haunting sounds in union with romantic poetry.  The pomp and ceremony of English royalty leaned heavily on choral music, from James II in 1665, to Handel’s 1727 “Coronation Anthems” for George II in 1727, to the 2023 coronation of Charles III.

In this concert we offer you a glimpse into this sound and its union with romantic poetry.  The texts focus on spirituality, and our mortality, and the joys of living, rather than on sacred texts for religious services.  The 16th and 17th Century English poets, Spenser, Vaughn, Davis, Campion, Lockhart, and others, provide an opportunity for lush, expressive choral writing that describes the longing, the elusiveness, and the hope for things within and beyond this life.  The Parry “Songs of Farewell” were composed during the devastation of the First World War, and try to bridge the chasm from despair to hope that enveloped England and all of Europe.  The Stanford “Motets” use Latin biblical texts covering death and resurrection, and the Harris “Faire is the Heaven” describes the actual place of heaven with the cherubim singing, and endless perfection.  We’ve tossed in a few gumdrops in the middle of the program in the way of some Madrigals, both happy and sad, covering love and loss.  And finally, we invite the audience to join us in “God Save the King” to complete our tour of England.t

We’re delighted to have the
Canticum Novum Chamber Choir
led by Don Morse join us for this concert.

Don Morse

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Saturday, February 10
at 7:30 PM

All Saint’s Episcopal Church,

Sunday, February 11
at 2:00 PM

Ascension Lutheran Church,
Paradise Valley

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Concert Program

-- My Soul, There is a Country Text by Henry Vaughan
-- I Know my Soul Hath Power Text by John Davies
-- Never Weather-Beaten Sail Text by Thomas Campion
-- There Is And Old Belief Text by John Gibson Lockhart
For double choir. Stanzas from Edmund Spenser’s poem “An Hymne of Heavely Beautie”
GOD SAVE THE KING Traditional (-ish)
AUDIENCE SING-ALONG: With improvisations and descants galore!


-- Come Away, Sweet Love Thomas Greaves
-- Weep, O Mine Eyes John Bennett
-- Sing We at Pleasure Thomas Weelkes
-- The Silver Swan Orlando Gibbons
THREE LATIN MOTETS Charles Villiers Stanford
Justorum Anime / Coelos Ascendit Hodie (double choir) / Beati Quorum Via
LUX AETERNA Edward Elgar, arr. John Cameron
Text from the Requiem Mass set to “Nimrod,” Variation No. 9 in Elgar’s Enigma Variations for Orchestra

The program is performed without intermission and subject to change without notice

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