Singing at ALC
The Arizona Masterworks Chorale in performance at Ascension Lutheran Church
The World Premiere of Whispering Hope with the Global Academny of Phoenix Treble Choir

The Arizona Masterworks Chorale
Making Music Better for Over 40 Years

Our vision is to be known as a premier performing ensemble in Arizona.
Our mission is to serve our community by performing the finest classical and contemporary choral music. 

The English word Chorus comes from the Ancient Greek root verb “χορός” meaning “to express in unison another person’s words, or a particular sentiment,” as done by a group of persons: a chorus or choir. Chorale, first used in 1841, derives from Martin Luther’s translation of sacred hymns into the vernacular and refers to the songs themselves or the group of persons singing them together.

The Arizona Masterworks Chorale (AMC), founded in 1979, exists to bring the pleasure of voices joined together in song to our community through exhilarating and inspiring performances of the finest choral music. We’ll do it in a distinctive way to delight both the audiences who hear us and ourselves, the musicians who perform.

The COVID-19 pandemic suspended our rehearsals and concerts in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons, giving AMC leadership an opportunity to reinvent the Chorale. We elected new directors, appointed new officers, significantly updated our back-office operations, and engaged a new Music Director and Collaborative Pianist.  We made a successful return to the stage in November 2021.

We’ve defined and published a strategic plan that we believe will carry us forward through 2025. We’ll move into new artistic territory, with a greater level of musical challenge and virtuosity – and a higher level of satisfaction and reward – than we’ve ever had. AMC will be a joint effort of all our artists, staff, board, and volunteers, working together in an atmosphere of community, congeniality, and professionalism, delivering the finest possible musical experience to our patrons, supporters, and the community in which we live and work.

In July 2021, conductor Scott Youngs was appointed as the Chorale’s Music Director.  A brilliant pianist, organist, and conductor,  Scott is well-known as the Founder and Music Director of the Arizona Bach Festival.  In his first AMC season in 2021/2022, he created four concerts celebrating the diversity of American choral music.  In October 2021, the Chorale joined with Ascension Lutheran Church and the Women’s Orchestra of Arizona to form The Arts at Ascension, a partnership of artists in residence, to promote awareness and foster growth and collaboration.

The Arizona Masterworks Chorale, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit Arizona corporation.