Welcome to AMC’s 2023-2024 Season
It’s our 45th Anniversary Year!


The Arizona Masterworks Chorale, Inc. was founded in 1979 as a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit Arizona member-managed corporation supported by ticket sales, grants, and donations.

All volunteer choristers in good standing are “members of the corporation,” eligible to vote on candidates for the Board of Directors and responsible for supporting AMC’s strategic objectives of artistic and operational growth. Artistic growth means upholding our standards of artistic excellence and improving the musicianship of each member and the ensemble.  Operational growth focuses on long-term financial and organizational sustainability. (See the AMC Strategic Plan posted on our website.)

That means working on notes, words, and vocal techniques and coming to rehearsals well-prepared for the best use of our time together preparing for performances.  And it means supporting AMC’s operational health through donations (cash and in-kind), participating in fundraising activities, and volunteering in ways that make the best use of your resources and skills.

AMC Teams

We’re asking all volunteer choristers to get involved this season by being part of one or more teams to address some of AMC’s biggest needs.  You’ll be hearing more about these opportunities soon.

Chorister Expectations

AMC is committed to enriching cultural life in Arizona by presenting great classical and contemporary choral music with well-crafted sound in unique performances.  Our vision and mission statements are:

Our vision is to be known as a premier performing ensemble in Arizona.
Our mission is to inspire and enrich our community through the power of choral music.

Choristers pay seasonal dues of $125 to support Chorale operations, due within 30 days of joining the Chorale.  In addition, Choristers are expected to support AMC’s fundraising campaigns and Chorale presence and outreach in the community.  Pay dues to the Treasurer by cash or check, or by Zelle to finance@arizonamasterworks.com.

Rehearsals and Performances

Regular ensemble musical rehearsals are on Monday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM in the choir room at All Saints’ Episcopal Church, 6300 North Central Avenue, Phoenix. Performance weekends include a final rehearsal on Friday evening, and performances on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

Choristers agree to prepare and participate in rehearsals and performances by the Chorale in a professional manner, with commensurate standards of vocal quality and conduct. 

DO NOT COME TO REHEARSAL OR PERFORMANCE IF YOU ARE ILL.  Please notify the Music Director as soon as possible if you will not be at a scheduled service.  Please do not wear any scented products (cologne, body spray, deodorant, hair spray, etc.) to rehearsal or performance.


Hard copy scores will be provided by the Music Librarian.  These can be marked in pencil and should be erased before returning to the Librarian.  Choristers may use hardcopy or tablets as they prefer.

Reference PDF scores with the Music Director’s markings, along with audio rehearsal tracks are posted on the Chorister News and Information page of the AMC website.  Choristers are responsible for preparing their scores with these markings and working on their parts prior to coming to rehearsal, prepared for ensemble singing. This includes knowing the translation and proper pronunciation of non-English texts.

Concert Dress

Choristers provide their own concert dress.  Unless otherwise instructed, AMC standard concert dress is:

Ladies:  A purchased, Chorale-standard top; black ankle-length skirt or trousers; black shoes, and black hose.  Conservative jewelry may be worn.

Gentlemen: Black-tie jacket and trousers or similar black suit; black bow tie; long-sleeved white shirt (fold-down or wing collar); cummerbunds or vests; and black shoes and socks.


Choristers may be photographed or recorded (audio and/or visual) during rehearsals and performances and those images and sounds used by AMC for publicity, marketing, or in any other means supporting the Chorale’s interests.  Choristers may record rehearsals and performances for their own study or archival purposes but may not distribute such recordings commercially or in any way defamatory or derogatory to other choristers, music staff, or AMC as an organization.

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