AMC Director Qualifications, Duties, and Responsibilities

AMC Directors lead Corporate strategy, governance, and fundraising in support of our mission to serve our community through our art.  Directors are elected by members to serve terms of two seasons (July 1 – June 30) and may be reëlected without limit.  

 The description of qualifications, duties, and responsibilities below is taken from the  AMC By-Laws, which provide  a complete description of the Membership Corporation organization and operation.

Article VI: Directors

Section 1 Qualifications 

Any individual in good standing in the community and who commits to carry out the Duties and Responsibilities described in this section of the By-Laws may serve as a Director of the Corporation. Prior Membership in the Corporation shall not be required as a condition for election as a Director except that the majority of the Board shall be composed of prior Members. 

Section 2 Duties and Responsibilities 

Election as a Director requires an individual to accept in writing the Arizona Masterworks Chorale Board Member Agreement, indicating their understanding of the duties and responsibilities as an individual Director, including, but not limited to: 

    1. Leading one or more functions or operational activities of the Corporation. 
    2. Knowing and abiding by AMC’s policies, procedures, and programs.
    3. Preparing for and regularly attending Board meetings and working outside of Board meetings as needed for the advancement of the Corporation. 
    4. Annually giving a significant donation in cash or in-kind goods and services, in addition to any required dues or fees, where “significant” is defined within the context of each Director’s individual financial situation. 
    5. Raising money for AMC in the ways best suited to each individual. 
    6. Acting with the care and loyalty required of a Director, putting AMC’s interests first.

The Arizona Masterworks Chorale, Inc., seeks directors from the greater Phoenix area to help guide the Corporation in achieving our strategic goals of artistic and operational growth.

We’re particularly interested in outside candidates who support our mission and can bring new and innovative perspectives on all aspects of our operation.  Directors are not required to be Members of the Corporation (choristers) as defined in the By-Laws. 

Experience in the non-profit sector is desirable but is not required.  Expertise in marketing and publicity, finance and fundraising, board and audience growth, and community relations are among our greatest needs.

As members of a working board, Directors will have hands-on responsibilities in aspects of AMC’s operations, as well as providing leadership in strategy, governance, and finances.

If you’re interested in learning more, please email us at or call us at 623-252-0790.

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